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ViCCA students' exhibition (Un)seen: In the Dazzle of Infrastructure at Galleria Aarni

The exhibition (Un)seen: In the Dazzle of Infrastructure is a collective curatorial project and exhibition realized by ViCCA students. It features works both by course participants and artists selected through an open call. The exhibition runs from the 9th to the 25th of April, 2021 at Galleria Aarni, Espoo.
an artwork made of ceramics depicting a pony
Liekkiponi (2021) by Petra Aaltola. Photo by Pekko Vasantola.

(Un)seen: In the Dazzle of Infrastructure starts from an analysis of infrastructure with a focus beyond its more tangible manifestations. The exhibition looks at how infrastructure shapes not only our physical landscapes, but our habits, culture, and temporality. It is at its most effective when it blends seamlessly into our surroundings and evades our consciousness. The exhibition’s approach to infrastructure is built around the solar, each project drawing different connections to infrastructural byproducts and our connection to the sun.

Galleria Aarni is open on Tue-Fri 11-19 and Sat-Sun 12-16.

The exhibition also has an online presence at

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