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Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art (ViCCA) has a lively student community that organizes variety of activities (for example community dinners, exhibitions and other extracurricular activities). ViMMA is the Student Association for the students of (ViCCA) through which most of these activities are organized.

The Purpose of the association is to promote, advocate and safeguard the interests of students, but not limited to those studying in the VICCA Program as well as those who are interested in Art of any kind. The Association will facilitate the interaction and communication between the faculty in specific, and Aalto University in general, as well be the representative voice of the students to speak with other departments and entities in and outside the University. The Association aims to provide immediate student representation and Advocacy.

The Association will make visible and promote VICCA and increase awareness and reputation of the programs and its members. The association aims to also support its members’ professional development and networking both during their studies and after, as well as to promote the fields of study within Aalto University as well as the broader society.

To fulfill the Mission Statement, the association may organize for example, introductions and guidance for new students, excursions, discussions, events, communications, exhibitions as well as build connections to other departments/institutions, associations, work communities, educational units, international actors and cooperate with other associations.

The association promotes common good and is a non-profit association. The association may run a Gallery space and or exhibition platforms. This space will promote VICCA in the context of Art and curatorial practices. The association can organize fundraising, lotteries, and accept donations to fund its operation within the boundaries of the law. The association can also own property and assets that supports its cause.

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