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ViCCA Production 2021: Sometimes I Go Places

In 2021, ViCCA Production took the form of a five-day intensive week: the goal was not to create something final and all explaining but to experiment.
Screenshot of Somewhere I Go Places on the ViCCA Production webpage. Black text on yellow background, 'to remodel ViCCA production you must destroy ViCCA production'

Sometimes I Go Places brings together a series of experiments, explorations and discussions held by students on the MA in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Art as part of the mandatory course, ViCCA Production. Led by Andrea Coyotzi Borja and Anna Jensen, the course addresses the idea that artistic practice and research requires experimenting with how the practice and research is performed to a public.

The year 2021 brought with it new challenges - including a reformatted time frame of five intensive days as well as geographical distances with students residing and practising in both Finland and abroad. Each participating student -whose locations are pinned on a collective Google map - shares a biography, artist statement and reflections on the week's experimentation on the ViCCA Production website.

Sometimes I Go Places follows on from two previous iterations of ViCCA Production, The best fears of our lives (2019) and Working-together-apart (2020), and is a reflection of the wide-arranging disciplines and approaches - from curatorial to artistic to research-oriented - that the transdisciplinary Master's degree programme draws together.

Read more on the ViCCA Production website:

Sometimes I Go Places..

    Sea Together, 2021, Ya-Yu Tseng. Screenshot of the website app Sea Together with various images of the sea.

    Sea Together. Courtesy of Ya-Yu Tseng, 2021.

    Gesture #2, Maria Andreou. Coastal rocks are inscribed with pigment

    Gesture #2. Courtesy of Maria Andreou, 2021.

    Ro Redd (Jung-Wei CHANG). Image of Espoo-based shipping container on Airbnb

    In Vain. Courtesy of Ro Redd (Jung-Wei Chang), 2021.

    REPULSIVE BUT DELICIOUS. Tereza Holubová. Still. A figure crouches over at the top of a rock face.

    Repulsive but Delicious. Courtesy of Tereza Holubová, 2021.

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