Department of Art

Tiago Martins Pinto

Course Instructor, multimedia/community-based artist
Tiago Martins Pinto

Tiago Martins Pinto

Tiago (b. 1985 in Portugal) is a doctor of arts candidate in Contemporary Art at Aalto University, a master of arts in Contemporary Art Creation by Universidade de Aveiro (PT) and a bachelor of arts in Multimedia by Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (PT). Tiago is a multimedia and community-based artist. He teaches and works in multimedia production, performative arts and creative coding. He dedicates himself to developing community-based art projects, to discuss topics such as identity, belonging and migration. As a doctoral student at Aalto University’s Art department, he aims to discuss the sense of belongingness in migrant communities. He has presented his artistic work and research in Portugal, Germany, Canada, Iceland, and Finland.


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