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Taneli Tuovinen

University Lecturer
Taneli Tuovinen
Taneli Tuovinen

Taneli Tuovinen, University Lecturer

Taneli Tuovinen earned his doctoral degree in 2016 at Aalto University, Finland. His research concerns idea of visual thinking practiced within all artforms, not only in visual arts. He has studied also in Berlin (UdK) and at Art University Linz. He has worked as lecturer at Aalto University since 2005 and was positioned as a tenured university lecturer in interdisciplinary art pedagogy in 2014. 2019 he was invited to a position of lecturer in artpedagogy for dance and theatre pedagogy at the University on arts Helsinki. He has a strong international research network and experience in editing several books on Art Education for example: EDGE – 20 Essays on Contemporary Art-Education (2015) and The New Art Education Movement (2014).


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