Department of Art


The study programs at through the Department offer high quality education that is both diverse and student-centered.

The programs focus on art educationNordic visual studies, and visual cultures, curating and contemporary art. The course and program offerings help students build a well-rounded and well-tailored degree that supports both depth and breadth. In this sense, our degree structure offer students the possibility to either deepen their knowledge on their major/master degree subject or utilize the wide range of Aalto University’s multidisciplinary course offerings in their minor studies and electives, organized together with other Aalto Schools. In addition, students can receive a minor from other Finnish universities through the JOO-program, or do an international exchange study abroad.

Studies leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts (180 ECTS)

  • Finnish language Bachelor’s Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture

Studies leading to the degree of Master of Arts (120 ECTS)

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