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Radical Relevances 2018

We invite researchers and artists of all disciplines to join us in conference that goes beyond the rational and explores what is relevant to lived experience. Radical Relevances is a multidisciplinary conference addressing complex global phenomena of our time, such as climate change, biodiversity, income inequality, and mass migration and how these relate to the everyday lives of different people.
Radical Relevances 2018


25.–27.4.2018, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland
Otakaari 1X & Learning Center

Keynote speakers:

Nathalia Brichet, Post-Doctoral Researcher, AURA, Aarhus University, Denmark
Atte Korhola, Professor in Arctic Global Change, Helsinki University, Finland
Mikkel Myrup, Head of Avataq, Society for Nature and Environment, Greenland,
and Curator, National Museum of Greenland
Elina Hytönen, Teacher, author and therapist of Chinese medicine
Tiina Seppälä, researcher, Lapland University

The First Global Radical Relevances Conference asks: How do economic, social, and cultural practices reflect the global uncertainty of today with its shifting geopolitics and environmental realities? How to engage in new ways of thinking about and practicing in terms of human and nonhuman co-existence and flourishing in the midst of vast predictable and unpredictable planetary transformations? How to study the relevances of certain objective realities that nevertheless escape the sensory equipment of an individual?


Radical Relevances Conference Team:
Pia Lindman, Professor of Environmental Art
Ossi Ollinaho, Doctor of Science (Technology)
Tim Smith, Postdoctoral Researcher
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, coordinator, Doctoral Candidate
Ksenia Kaverina, curator

For more information, please email:
Kasperi Mäki-Reinikka, coordinator:
[email protected]
[email protected]  

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