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PUPA – Aalto University’s project multidisciplinary platform in Pori
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Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University PUPA is a flexible experimental project platform in Pori University Consortium. It enables the units and people of Aalto University to carry out a multitude of diverse study, research, or artistic or design projects in Pori and Satakunta region.

The platform offers resources for the activities of the units, research groups, MA programs, researchers and artists in a new environment. It gives an opportunity to bring the teaching, research and artistic and other productions outside the capital region and its campuses. Pori and Satakunta region function as a living laboratory where the social impact of the university can be seen directly in action. The project platform makes it possible to realize interesting courses, joint productions, site specific research and art, and to bring academic teaching and research out of the academy into the living reality.

PUPA project platform creates contacts for the Satakunta region and the city of Pori to the multidisciplinary research and productions of Aalto University, introducing new perspectives, approaches and solutions.

Facilities and activities

Any school, department, unit, program or employee of Aalto University may apply for support for projects in Pori/ Satakunta. The projects can be courses, seminars, artistic or other productions etc. The Aalto University partner may act on its own or in collaboration with a local partner. If needed, PUPA staff will help you to look for a local partner.

A regional body may also contact PUPA with its collaboration idea, to help find contacts in Aalto University. However, funding is always applied for and granted to Aalto University staff or students.

PUPA has facilities at the University Consortium of Pori: the Ateljee classroom, which can hold about 50 people, as well as a meeting room and office space for permanent staff and guests. The Pori Art School's facilities and video edit support are also available. The facilities contain basic equipment. It is also possible to apply for the use of Elävä Pori project’s experimental “Office” in Pori center and the removable Kontti container. The PUPA staff is prepared to help find other types of facilities if necessary.

You can also ask the PUPA staff for help with finding and booking accommodation.

Long term research and development projects can also be carried out in Pori and Satakunta within the scope of PUPA.


Any Aalto University school, department, unit, program or employee or student may apply for support for projects in the Pori or Satakunta region. The projects can be courses, seminars, artistic or other productions. The Aalto University partner may act on its own or in collaboration with a local partner.

PUPA grants support for mobility, primarily student mobility i.e. expenses resulting from bringing the activity to another region. Basically we support travel and accommodation expenses, and in addition reasonable material expenses. We do not cover wages. Applications may be sent without a deadline. Fill in the form, which contains the following information:

  • the responsible body and responsible person in Aalto
  • what the project is about
  • if needed, reason why the project is carried out in Pori / Satakunta
  • the budget and the expenses for which support is sought

People and contact

Email: etunimi.sukunimi(at)

PUPA group:

Martti Raevaara, Professor, Department of Art, 050 301 8692

Harri Laakso, Professor, Department of Art, 050 309 0654

Taina Rajanti lehtori, PUPA coordinator, Department of Art, 050 384 5662

Personnel in Pori

Matti Tainio, Researcher, 050 516 9475

Anna Jensen, Doctoral candidate, 050 464 0478

Andrea Coyotzi Borja, Doctoral candidate

Satu Järvenpää, Secretary, 050 344 2234

Jukka Juhala, Studio supervisor, 050 356 2179

Postal address:
PL 181
28101 Pori

Visiting address:
Siltapuistokatu 2
28100 Pori

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