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InSEA 2018

InSEA 2018

The European regional InSEA Congress will be held
June 18.-21. 2018 at Aalto University.

Scientific and Social Interventions in Art Education

The Congress will concentrate on European and global issues around art education and its connections to societal and scientific topics. The goal for this InSEA Congress is to offer possibilities for intercultural and interdisciplinary conversations on most current and burning issues in contemporary art education. Different submission formats will offer room for new ideas to appear among researchers, teachers, artists and project workers.

Main themes of the presentations

Artistic and scientific collaborations
Contemporary artistic and art educational approaches to diversity and cultural changes
Digital and new materialist artistic and art educational practices and theories

InSEA 2018 Schedule

Keynote speakers

President Tarja Halonen, Photo: Lasse Keltto
President Tarja Halonen, Photo: Lasse Keltto

Patron of the Congress

President Tarja Halonen is the Patron of the Congress.

For information about InSEA, The International Society for Education Through Art, see

For information about the City of Espoo, see

For information about the City of Helsinki, see

In collaboration with Cumulus, the International Association of Universities and Colleges of Art, Design and Media


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