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Doctoral Candidate Agnieszka Karasch: DYSHOMEOSTASIS (2019)

Photo of a visual performance depicting a person in black clothes moving in front of a large canvas
Photo: Agnieszka Karasch

DYSHOMEOSTASIS, remnants from the visual performance of the same title by Agnieszka Karasch and Sophia Hörmann conducted at Kleine Humboldt Galerie during the Ausstellungsfestival unselect in Berlin.

Material: charcoal, graphite and eraser on paper, 3 x 3 m.

Agnieszka Karasch is a visual and performance artist holding an MFA in graphic arts from The Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw. In her artistic research she investigates the potential of embodied collaboration. Inspired particularly by the philosophy of Maurice Merleau-Ponty but also by Laban Movement Analysis, contemporary dance, performance art and actor’s training, she uses drawing as a space of co-action. The medium then serves as an entry to the unique nature of the embodied exchange. In her studio practice she creates images based on the body's geometry and expression.

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