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Doctoral studies at the Department of Art and Media have six research focus areas: Contemporary Art, New Media, Visual Communication Design, Photography, Visual Culture, and Art Education. Within these areas there are specific themes defined by individual supervising professors, which are typically practice-led and basic research on art and design topics. The current topics vary across the following range: media culture and heritage, research on curating, visual communication design, new media design and learning, art education, computer games, visual culture phenomena and contemporary art practices in photography, bioart, sound design, critical theory, media art/design at large, art & environment, activism in art, and art in the intersection of science & technology– and beyond.
Mikko O. Koivisto The Art of Egress kansi ja sisus
Mikko O. Koivisto's dissertation "The Art of Egress". Graphic design: Tuomas Kortteinen. Photo: Mikko Raskinen.

The doctoral research work is carried out in the context of doctoral studies as well as within multi-disciplinary projects. In the core of the Aalto doctoral training is the relationship between the supervisor and the doctoral student. The aim is to teach doctoral candidates how to create new knowledge through scientific and artistic methods and theories as a professional academic researcher. Doctoral students’ scientific/artistic qualifications develop along with their individually oriented projects and activities that provide them transferable skills training.

Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture

Head of Doctoral Studies

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