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TAITE offers Transdiciplinary Art Studies to the whole learning community of School of Arts at every program levels. In this article, you can read more about TAITE's operations and goals.
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TAITE is a learning community, led by Paula Hohti, that emphasizes values, ideas and skills. It is a laboratory, an ongoing experiment in art and the relationship between making and thinking. TAITE encourages diverse approaches to imagining the world and at the same time to make meaningful propositions about the future.

Unit Goals 

To prepare each student to be successful in their major degree work by developing habits of critical dialogue and creative reflection. To be able to give ideas effective form through thoughtful planning and execution.  

To see all the departments and programs represented in the curriculum in ways that complement the majors.  

To develop new curricular connections between the School’s departments at all program levels, BA. MA, and PhD.      

To be an advocate for the central place of arts and design learning for the University, regardless of School or major, and to provide new creative learning opportunities.  

And finally, and most important, to help students practically imagine lives and careers which will engage and shape the world over the next 50 years. 

Teaching and Staffing 

The proposal assumes a light structure for Transdisciplinary Arts Studies aligned with its role as a School unit, attached to no department, but working with all. As a first step, TAITE will be reformulated as academic unit under the Dean’s office to be headed by a director. All compulsory courses will be taught by “teams’ of (2) teachers to include current lecturers, current hourly faculty, and faculty drawn from other Departments of the School.  Staffing will include dedicated  support from the School’s Learning and Teaching Services, and Technical Support Services.  

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