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A new super-cooled microwave source boosts the scale-up of quantum computers
Millikelvin microwave source
Artistic impression of an on-chip microwave source controlling qubits. Credit: Aleksandr Kakinen

1. A new super-cooled microwave source boosts the scale-up of quantum computers

Nature Electronics, DOI, (2021)

Graphene bolometer artistic image
Artistic image of a graphene based bolometer.

2. Bolometer operating at the threshold for circuit quantum electrodynamics

Nature, 586, 47–51(2020)


Microscop image of the nanobolometer
Colored electron microscop image of the nanobolometer. The dark oval at the bottom left represents a 1.3-micrometer-long Ralstonia mannitolilytica bacterium. Credit: Roope Kokkoniemi/Aalto University.

3. Nanobolometer with ultralow noise equivalent power

Communications physics, 2, 124 (2019)

Superconductor-insulator-normal metal tunnel junction
False-colour scanning electron micrograph of the two superconductor–insulator–normal-metal (SIN) tunnel junction. Scale bar, 5 μm.

4. Broadband Lamb shift in an engineered quantum system

Nature Physics,15, 533–537 (2019)

Particle densities related to the decay of the quantum knot
Particle densities related to the decay of the quantum knot (left), which surprised researchers by untying itself after a few microseconds and eventually turning into the spin vortex [Image credit: Tuomas Ollikainen/Aalto University]

5. Decay of a Quantum Knot

Physical Review Letters 123, 163003 (2019).

Artistic impression of qubit readout using the quantum states of a resonator
Artistic impression of qubit (blue chip) readout using the quantum states of a resonator (blue and red jets). Figure credit: Heikka Valja.

6. Qubit Measurement by Multichannel Driving

Physical Review Letters 122, 080503 (2019)

Photo of a quantum circuit
Photo of a quantum circuit on a sample holder
artistic image of an Dirac monopole
Artistic impression of a Dirac monopole

8. Experimental Realization of a Dirac Monopole through the Decay of an Isolated Monopole

Physical Review X 7, 021023 (2017).

Refrigerator for quantum computers

9. Quantum-circuit refrigerator

Nature Communications 8, 15189 (2017).

Artist image of an superconducting microwave detector
Artist image of a superconducting microwave detector

10. Detection of zeptojoule microwave pulses using electrothermal feedback in proximity-induced Josephson junctions

Physical Review Letters 117, 030802 (2016).

11. Quantum-limited heat conduction over macroscopic distances

Nature Physics 12, 460–464 (2016).

Experiemental setup used to watch quantum knots untie
The experimental set-up at Amherst College where quantum gasses are made [David Hall/Amherst College]

12. Tying Quantum Knots

Nature Physics 12, 478–483 (2016). 

13. Observation of isolated monopoles in a quantum field

Science 348, 544 (2015). 

 Click here to access the paper for free!

14. An Accurate Single-Electron Pump Based on a Highly Tunable Silicon Quantum Dot

Nano Letters 14, 3405–3411 (2014).

Quantum-mechanical monopoles
Images of the condensate showing the integrated particle densities

15. Observation of Dirac Monopoles in a Synthetic Magnetic Field

Nature (London) 505, 657-660 (2014).

*DISCLAIMER: Some of the linked articles use the term ‘magnetic monopole’ rather freely and hence may give the wrong impression that we have observed the magnetic monopole as an elementary particle. What we have actually observed is an analogous object in a Bose-Einstein condensate, a situation which closely realizes the theory in Dirac’s 1931 paper but does not realize the exact physical scenario of a monopole in the physical magnetic field. This is why we refer to our finding as a synthetic magnetic monopole or a Dirac monopole, where the latter term refers to the theoretical description that Dirac found, not the physical set-up that has not been realized thus far.

16. Single-shot Readout of an Electron Spin in Silicon

Nature (London) 467, 687-691 (2010).

17. Transport Spectroscopy of Single Phosphorus Donors in a Silicon Nanoscale Transistor

Nano Letters 10, 11-15 (2010).

18. Creation of Dirac Monopoles in Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensates

Physical Review Letters 103, 030401 (2009).

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