Aalto Day One 7.9.2021

The opening of Aalto University's academic year 2021-2022 was held this year as a live online broadcast. Return to the atmosphere of Day One by watching the recording of the ceremony.
Aalto Day One of the Academic year 2021–2022 event image

Thank you for joining Aalto Day One!

Return to the atmosphere of Day One by watching the recording of the ceremony through this link

Virtual Aalto Day One

Even if we cannot all meet on campus, we want to invite everyone from work, home, or even the park, to join in for a virtual event. We would love to hear from you on Aalto Day One! Log in to the virtual event platform and send your greetings to the entire community.

Aalto Day One is broadcasted live from campus on Tuesday 7 September 13.15 onwards. The link below leads you to simple registration page, or you can attend as anonymous. But please note, others cannot recognise you in chats if you are anonymous, and you cannot send direct messages as anonymous.

Enter the virtual event: Aalto Day One (Liveto platform).

Tips for the best virtual event experience

  1. We recommend using computer to participate in the virtual event. The experience on mobile devices  does not have all the functions.
  2. For the ultimate experience we recommend using Google Chrome. Please make sure you have an updated browser.
  3. It is recommended not to keep other software or tabs open during the event.
  4. If you are experiencing audio or video issues, refreshing your browser or restarting your browser can help.
  5. Firewalls might interfere the virtual event platform sessions. Allow UDP –connections from from gate 30300-30500.
  6. If you have problems entering the event, contact Laura Karvonen: laura.karvonen (at), 050 476 0737.


Tuesday 7 September 2021 

Opening ceremony – live broadcast  
Let’s open Aalto University’s new academic year 2021–2022 together! The opening ceremony streamed live from the campus studio will launch our joint academic year by showcasing Aalto’s sparkling minds and future game changers. The opening ceremony ends approximately at 14.20. 

Aalto Party – live broadcast  
Come and enjoy the inspiring content created by our sparkling minds from student associations! Aalto Party program is the result of an open call for the student union’s associations.

Our wonderful student hosts Elisa Jokinen, Toni Laurén and Imran Shamsul will guide you through the Party. We have program for more than two hours including different kind of sports and hobbies, music and choirs, and even pole dancing to name few. Also our Vice President of Eduaction, Petri Suomala will greet us all. So sit back and enjoy the party and explore what student life can offer besides just studies!  

Please note, when logged in to the event platform you’ll be able to join the chat and see some additional videos that won’t be shown otherwise.

Aalto Day One webcast 

You can watch the opening of the academic year via this page, but please note that chat is only available when logging in to the virtual event (Liveto).

Further information 
Minna Pajari, Producer | [email protected] | 050 571 0526 
Tarja Peltoniemi, Producer, Aalto Party | [email protected] | 050 532 3817 
Jessica Sinikoski, Communications Manager | [email protected] | 050 590 5818 

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