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Sustainability in Business 2018

Originally published 26.10.2018

The Sustainability in Business course (21E16001) is a compulsory course for all CS students. It aims to equip students with the tools and knowledge to understand the field of sustainable business, corporate responsibility and sustainable consumption as well as the pressing social and environmental issues that drive them. Throughout the course students learn how to identify sustainability challenges and how to respond to them in the business setting through a range of group work and individual tasks.
Sustainability in Business 2018

WHEN: 10.9.2018 – 25.10.2018
TEACHERS: Patrick Shulist & Samuli Patala
PARTNERS: Guy Griffin, Prendo
MORE INFO: WebOodi | Photographs: CS Flickr

This Autumn students were introduced to a broad range of stakeholders and a multitude of sustainability issues and strategy. In order to ground this knowledge in a specific context, during the penultimate week of the course students took part in a Stakeholder Management Simulation facilitated by Guy Griffin from Prendo. The purpose of the simulation was to understand the complexity of managing sustainability in the real world. The objective of the game is to manage the sustainability impacts of a copper mining project in Venezuela.

Student groups competed against each other on the stakeholder acceptance of the project, which in part depends on the consideration and communication of economic and sustainability impacts in the stakeholder network. During the simulation students were faced with the real sustainability challenges a mining company faces when deciding to open a mine such as which mining technique to use, where to donate money and how best to support the local community and ecosystems.

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