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Creative Sustainability (CS) is a joint Master's degree programme at the School of Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Business and School of Chemical Engineering. Established in 2010, the CS programme brings students from a variety of fields together, to study and work in multidisciplinary teams and create novel sustainable solutions for human, urban, industrial and business environments. The pedagogical approach is based on integrating teaching and research, problem-based learning, design thinking, blended learning and strong connections to practical outcomes. The graduates of the programme have the endeavour to understand and address systemic phenomena and wicked problems.

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Textile dye samples
Creative Sustainability

Pragati Singhal - A Look Into Sustainability From Another Part of the World

Creative Sustainability student Pragati Singhal shares her experience of an international internship project in Chile.
Michael Buchta is a Creative Sustainability master's student
Creative Sustainability

Creative Sustainability master’s student Michael Buchta shares his experience in the programme

A Creative Sustainability master’s student shares his experience studying the programme at Aalto.
A self-made Christmas ornament on a Christmas tree: a felt heart that says love.
Creative Sustainability

Ten Nonconsumerist Christmas Gifts for Those Who Already Have Everything

This is a list of ten Christmas gift ideas that don’t require purchases of any kind. They work for other occasions as well!
Sibelius monument photographed from underneath
Creative Sustainability

Do you see the blue sky? Ponderings on climate poetry

Climate change inspires literature, not only of the nonfictional kind, but also fiction and even poetry. I want to share with you some of my ponderings on a poem that struck a chord with me the first time I read it years ago and that I still keep finding more meanings in every time I come back to it.

Alumni stories, networks and collaborations:

Creative Sustainability Master's Programme

Creative Sustainability Alumni Stories

Where do our graduates work? Where to head after studies?

Creative Sustainability
The Test Site

Research groups and Networks

Research collaborations and networks of the Creative Sustainability Master's Programme

Creative Sustainability
Creative Sustainability The Test Site with UWAS Innovative Approach to Circular Economy course. © Abigail Garbett

The Test Site

The Test Site is a student-led network of practical sustainability at Aalto University.

Creative Sustainability

News from Aalto University

6 roundtable speakers standing together
Cooperation Published:

Key Skills for Sustainability Experts: Collaboration and Communication

As industries increasingly focus on sustainability, the demand for sustainability expertise is growing. But what specific skills do employers seek in sustainability experts?
Staff Training Week participants in front of the Dipoli building at Aalto University.
Cooperation, Press releases, University Published:

American and Finnish universities collaborate to drive SDG advancement and innovation

American and Finnish universities collaborate on SDG innovation during a week-long training event, fostering global sustainability solutions.
Anahita Rashidfarokhi and Elif Erdoğan Öztekin
Studies Published:

“We consider our students as active agents of transformation” Get to know the teachers behind the Sustainable Cities and Societies summer course

Explore why the course Sustainable Cities and Societies by Aalto University Summer School is one of the most critical topics right now.
Sustainability talks headshots of key experts
University Published:

Preparing Aalto Graduates to be Responsible and Influential Sustainability Experts

Aalto equips faculty with strategies to integrate sustainability into programmes, courses and individual competence development.


Selection of events from Aalto University and Creative Sustainability

Sofia Ilmonen Biocolour

BioColour: sustainable colour aesthetics

Transforming fashion by getting rid of toxic colours.
3D textile architecture.

Entangled – Reimagining textile functionalities

Interdisciplinary collaboration transforming smart textiles.
PBL South Asia final presentation in Bhutan_photo by Matleena Muhonen 2020

Transforming Education to Reach Global Impact

An exhibition on the Aalto journey through case-based teaching and learning in Africa, South Asia, Europe and Latin America.
Exhibition boxes Biochar Project

Flowing carbon

Different methods of carbon sequestration in urban green areas.

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