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SGT Studio 2019

Originally published 5.3.2019

Sustainable Global Technologies (SGT) Studio (WAT-E2070) is an intense co-learning course for Master’s and PhD students and is led by Matleena Muhonen, from the School of Engineering. It is an elective course in the Creative Sustainability Programme.
SGT Studio 2019
The session photographed shows the first project clinic where students presented their project plan to diverse stakeholders before embarking on their various field trips.

The course looks at the diverse, multi- and cross-disciplinary connections between sustainability and technology in developing contexts. The course includes expert lectures, interactive workshops and extensive project work done in teams. As part of the team work, students may travel abroad to carry out field research on their selected theme. The lecturers and workshops introduce students to the general context of the course as well as to the process of international project work and team work.

Students will take part in real projects within research groups, civil society organizations or companies. The project work will be mentored by Aalto’s research staff and practicing professionals. This year the student projects are based in Kenya, Uganda, Mexico and Nepal.

You can follow the students progress through their project specific blogs and on social media:

Nepal / Nepali: BlogInstagram

Kenya / SUWAMA: Blog, Instagram

Uganda / AhaMak: Blog, Instagram

Mexico / Aalto Lab Mexico: BlogInstagram

For more information on the course: Mycourses | Weboodi | SGTWebsite

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