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Research collaborations and networks of the Creative Sustainability Master's Programme
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Creative Sustainability collaborates closely with NODUS, INUSE, SUB and W&D Research Groups, in both teaching and research. To see the profiles of individual experts, please visit the pages of the respective research groups as provided below.


NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group is a group of researchers in the Department of Design, Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, focusing on sustainable design solutions, strategies and frameworks. NODUS produces research-based design knowledge reflecting values of sustainable development. They conduct design-led research based on stakeholder collaboration and human-centred methodological approaches, in the transition towards more sustainable lifestyles.

NODUS Sustainable Design Research Group


INUSE researches designer-user relations in sociotechnical change.

INUSE explores the intricate relationship between design and use, emphasizing participatory methods for equitable and sustainable change. With its multidisciplinary approach rooted in understanding users' pivotal roles in sociotechnical change, INUSE investigates how users shape technology paths and experiments with innovative ways to organize designer–user relations, drawing insights from design research, innovation studies, and Science & Technology Studies.

INUSE Users and Innovation Research Group


SUB Sustainability in Business Research group is the Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility research group at the Aalto University School of Business.

The mission of the group’s research is to produce knowledge about and solution proposals for business models and consumption practices that enhance sustainable development.


Water and Development

Water & Development Research Group is a multi- and interdisciplinary research group operating at the Aalto University, Finland. The group has a long research tradition in water and development issues as well as in integrated management of water resources. Water & Development Research Group seeks to look at the interconnections between water and development with a comprehensive view. The group’s research builds on multi- and cross-disciplinarity and on close cooperation with other universities and research institutes both in Finland and abroad.

Water and Development Research Group

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