Creative Sustainability

Creative Sustainability Design: Paula Karlsson

Originally published 14.11.2017

Alumni story from Creative Sustainability Master's Programme
CS alumni stories - Paula Karlsson

CS offers many, almost too many, possibilities within the wide-ranging subject of sustainability. Hence, the biggest task was to find and keep a focus to specialise in. Then again, as I was changing my profession, so remaining open to new directions and learning from my fellow students was essential, too. At the end of the first year, I felt behavioural change (yes, another huge subject) was the root of all the sustainable change I wanted to focus on. I took courses also at the University of Helsinki on social psychology and at Aalto’s CoID to deepen my knowledge of the social aspects. I dived deeper into Systems Thinking in my personal project. The social systems thinking focus and some coincidences led me to my thesis topic within education and problem-definition. My thesis helped me land my current job at Palmu (a service design agency) where I now work with educational projects for the public sector.

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