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Strategic corporate partner Saab

Saab's long-term commitment to cooperation provides good conditions for scientific breakthroughs and the creation of new innovations.
Saab Aalto Research Day 2019
Saab Aalto Research Day 2019

In 2017, Aalto University and the defense and security company Saab concluded a ten-year collaboration contract with the aim of strengthening and deepening their research collaboration, especially in long-term sensor technology research. 

At the moment, there are over 10 research projects ongoing involving professors, postdoctoral researchers and doctoral and master's students from Aalto and Saab. Represented fields include e.g. cognitive systems, artificial intelligence, microwave and antenna technologies, hydroacoustics, space technology, and quantum technology.

One of the forms of collaboration is the Industrial PhD doctoral programme funded by Saab. Around ten doctoral candidates from Aalto are currently participating in the programme. The candidates will complete their doctoral thesis at Aalto while working in Saab's product development projects. The goal is to train at least 20 new PhD's during 10 years.

Investing in research in key areas of technology ensures that our future product generations will also be competitive. 

Petteri Alinikula, Research Director, Saab​
Doctoral researcher Lassi Meronen dressed in a blue shirt, photographed from the side with a studio light shining on the right side of the photo

Why can’t AI say ‘I don’t know’?

Overconfident AI systems can be dangerous, so researchers are teaching them humility

Kalle Spoof

Kalle Spoof's doctoral research for Saab opened the door to the company's product development

In his doctoral thesis, Kalle Spoof developed beamforming of radar systems

Radiokaiuton huone Otaniemessä. Kuva: Aalto-yliopisto / Mikko Raskinen

Innovations are not born in the blink of an eye

A good brand has been developed for collaboration between Aalto University and the Saab Group, as well as a reputation for knowing how to do things right.

Professori Ville Viikari ja Henri Kähkönen. Kuva: Matti Kuosmanen

Improving wireless communication with millimetre wave technology

Henri Kähkönen wrote his doctoral thesis in co-operation with Saab

Elektroniikan ja nanoteknologian maisteriohjelma

Aalto University and Saab expand strategic research collaboration

Saab invests 3 million euros for expanding the collaboration into new research areas. This increases Saab’s total investment to 23 million euros for the years 2017-2026.

ELEC radiokaiuton huone image unto rautio

Doing a doctoral thesis at Saab helps understand the challenges of the future

Doctoral students thank Saab’s experts for their help and the company’s real-life application challenges.

Koneoppiminen on vienyt eteenpäin muun muassa konenäön, datatieteen, robotiikan ja ihmisen ja koneen vuorovaikutuksen aloja. Kuva: Aki-Pekka Sinikoski

More certainty for deep learning

With the support of Saab, doctoral student Lassi Meronen is developing models for deep learning that can be used, for example, in radars and medical diagnosis.

Nanotechnology / Microwave Engineering

Millimeter-wave technology is changing network connections

In addition to wireless data transmission, the technology helps to develop radars.

Drone-aided network communications

The need for satellite-independent navigation is growing

With the support of Saab, doctoral student Jouko Kinnari is researching how positioning would be possible without satellite positioning systems.

Dronen ottama kuva Otakaari 1:sestä, kuva: Mikko Raskinen

How do you know where a drone is flying without a GPS signal?

In Jouko Kinnari's doctoral dissertation, the location of a drone can be determined using map data and sensors.


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