Corporate collaboration

Strategic corporate partner ABB

Aalto University and ABB cooperate in many different areas, and all six Aalto schools are involved. The cooperation has continued for more than 130 years.
Students presenting their project work in electronics

Aalto University's cooperation with ABB comprises research projects, professorships and guest lectures as well as student cooperation and doctoral training. ABB is also continuing its long-standing cooperation with Aalto EE (Aalto University Executive Education and Professional Development).

In cooperation with ABB, Aalto University students annually complete between three and five doctoral degrees, several bachelor's degrees and 20-30 master's theses, most of which are for a master's degree in technology.

World-class technology through research projects

The development of electric drives and grid-connected converters has been a key topic of cooperation. Since 2001, more than 20 doctoral theses as well as numerous master's theses and scientific publications have been made on these topics. Patents have also been secured.

'The development of our own skills and knowledge, and the recruitment of top experts have been valuable results of this cooperation for ABB', says Matti Kauhanen, Vice President and Technology Manager at ABB Drives. 

At the moment, Aalto and ABB are conducting joint research also in areas such as electromechanics, power electronics, electric grids, 5G and its applications, applications of artificial intelligence, internet of things, marine technology and mechatronics.

'Many fruitful research projects have been launched in the workings of ships’ bridges and the analysis of the usability and development of different systems. These have been implemented as student projects in the Design Factory and in both master's theses and doctoral dissertations', says Roy Funck, Senior Vice President, Technology at ABB Marine and Ports.

Eemeli Mölsä being promoted as doctor

Doctoral level expertise is needed as ABB is engineering the energy transition

Joint doctoral research projects between Aalto University and ABB are training scientists to develop the cutting-edge products needed in the future.

Tuulivoimaloita kuvattuna ylhäältäpäin metsämaisemassa.

Aalto researchers accelerating the green transition in ABB-led programme’s projects

The Green Electrification 2035 programme aims to develop solutions for the green transition.

Mahafugur Rahman. Picture: Jari Härkönene

F. M. Mahafugur Rahman receives TEK’s and TFiF’s best dissertation award

In his dissertation, Aalto University alumnus presented real-time control algorithms for next-generation renewable energy production


Active student cooperation

‘Systematic and persevering student cooperation is seen as very valuable at ABB. The cooperation emphasises reciprocity: on the one hand, we want to offer students possibilities to get work life experience and learn about ABB as a company. On the other hand, we also learn much from the students. We constantly want to develop cooperation, and it is important for us to hear views and wishes from the students’, says Maria Pasanen, Country Manager, University Relations, Early Talents & Employer Branding at ABB.

Students at Aalto visit ABB several times a year, and ABB is actively involved in career and recruitment events organised by Aalto. Hundreds of Aalto University alumni work at ABB, many of whom have served as mentors for our students and met them at Career Café events, for example.

ABB Ability. ABB:n kuvapankki.

Outcome-based business models are an opportunity for growth at ABB

Student team explored the ins and outs of outcome-based models

Students standing in line with their hands up at the Nokia headquarter lobby

The 5th Aalto International Talent Program launched - ‘A warm welcome to Finland‘

This year, more than 180 students and 16 companies are participating in the group mentoring programme for international students and companies.

Kuva Aallon pdp-gaalasta

ABB has faith in future product developers

When future product developers solve challenges provided by companies, bold ideas and even crazy experiments can lead to genuinely new approaches. The collaboration between ABB and Aalto Design Factory bears fruit and brings genuine out-of-the-box thinking to ABB's product development.

Corporate collaboration

Collaboration in Lifewide Learning

Aalto University and Aalto EE have long been helping ABB to develop the skills of its personnel. Over 30 years of cooperation have created a large number of programmes tailored to ABB, the longest running of which, ABB Manager, has been running since 1989. ABB's management and staff also actively participate in Aalto EE's open programmes in areas such as leadership, digitalisation, new business model innovation, service design and lean methods.

More recently, ABB and Aalto have jointly developed a completely new type of lifewide learning programme, tailoring the university's existing academic offerings to the company's current needs.


Aalto University training programme helps ABB employees to prepare for the green transition

ABB's business success is based on the continuous development of its employees' skills and knowledge.

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Lifewide learning is a prerequisite to business success (external link)

Competences, skills, and knowledge that carry you through your entire career require constant updating. Anu Saarelainen and Ismo Laukkanen from ABB explain how collaboration with Aalto EE helps ABB facilitate the lifewide learning of its personnel.

ABB supports Aalto University in many ways

Closer cooperation between Aalto and ABB Marine & Ports

ABB Marine & Ports and their equipment supplier Typhoon HIL are donating six simulators for researcher and student use.


ABB Oy donates 360 000 euros to Aalto University

'The world is undergoing a major transformation, and it is important to take care of competence development. High-quality research and future top experts will continue to support Finland's competitiveness,' says Pekka Tiitinen, CEO of ABB Oy.

Students at laboratory

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