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Information Technology Program (ITP) for Partners

Aalto University Information Technology Program (ITP) is a minor study module (24 ECTS) for a wide variety of bright university students. Every year ITP partners with different interesting companies and organizations by providing students digital business challenges to solve over the summer period. ITP combines business, design, and technological perspectives, and prepares students and partners for a future of data-driven and evidence-based decision making in the digital economy.

In 2024, the dates of ITP are 3.6. - 30.8. The application period for business projects for summer 2024 is now open till middle of May!

Overall, the presentation was clear and we were positively surprised by the project plan and how quickly the team caught on to things.

Realia Group

What is the business project collaboration with ITP?

Every year we partner with big companies and governmental or municipal organisations, who aim to develop their business, processes, operations, and solutions in the digital field. We have partnered with companies such as Sponda, LähiTapiola, SiunSote, Kojamo, ACRE, The National Archives of Finland, Realia, PwC, and the City of Porvoo. The projects completed during the summer are always based on the real-life needs of the partner companies. The student teams receive academic support and guidance from the ITP staff and faculty throughout the summer.

Business Projects: Information Technology Program (ITP)

Benefits for the partner

  • Multi-disciplinary teams of 3-6 students working on the project for 3 months
  • Research-based and validated solution concepts for the given challenge
  • Innovative thinking outside of the project organization and applied knowledge from industry and academia
  • Project outcome in the form of a report, presentation, and a prototype depending on the given challenge
  • An opportunity to enhance employer brand and be on the lookout for potential future leaders

Requirements for the partner

  • 1-2 contact persons and availability during the summer (June-August)
  • Meeting the student team minimum of five (5) times during the summer according to the ITP schedule
  • Providing feedback and guidance on the project work in the meetings and occasionally, if needed, via email / phone outside the meeting times
  • Supporting the student team with the needed resources for the research and testing, such as data, access to any relevant services which are to be developed, or arranging meetings with the partner's customers and internal subject matter experts

Business Project Course details

  • Duration of the project: 3 months during the summer period (3.6. - 30.8.2024)
  • Project fee for the partner: 1 project for 14 000 € + 24% VAT or 2 projects for 25 000 € + 24% VAT
  • Application period for companies: November – Middle of May

The initiative and abilities of the work group surprised us, and the quality outcomes were easy to implement into marketing operations.

Siun sote

What do the students receive from ITP?

In ITP, students complete a full minor with 24 ECTS in three months. They select one of the ITP's three specialization tracks (Digital & Intelligent ecosystems, Information & Service Business, Strategy & Experience Design) where they complete three 6 ECTS courses. In addition to specialization track specific learning goals, the core of ITP is a three-month-long Business Project Course.

The objective of the Business Project Course is to apply the theory the students learn during the conceptual courses in practice. During the ITP, students learn about project management, research methods, and creating concepts that solve the given challenge. Furthermore, they develop a variety of future work-life skills.

FAQ: Information Technology Program (ITP)
Information Technology Program (ITP)

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 Victor de Bruin

Victor de Bruin

Senior Program Manager
 Nikolay Efimov

Nikolay Efimov

Project Coordinator 2024 (ISB)
 Juan Camino

Juan Camino

Project Coordinator 2024 (SED)

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