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The Birth of Breath by Janne Melajoki

“Do we breathe or are we breathed? The sanskrit prana, “breathing forth,” refers to the source and force of life and the vibratory energy of all manifestation”
an art piece with footprints on it

Even though we humans tend to believe we can control and tame nature, the inner and outer world, we all live under the same forces of life. The weight of the past winters broke and burned out the false belief of the Katajainen kansa -myth. The burden and fears of accepting weakness. However, facing it can become the strongest energy to inhale. The calmness and acceptance lied in the gentle breath that was hidden inside. The traces just waited to be discovered to blow new life in the ashes full of invisible sparks.

a person standing on a surface in an exhibition space
Photo by Sesilia Pirttimaa

With these insights my final outcome was an art performance of my own creative journey. A symbolic movement with the aspects of material, time & energy combined to become visible.

Material: Powdered Charcoal, Photograph

Photographs: Janne Melajoki unless otherwise stated

Quote: Ronnberg, Ami, and Kathleen Martin, (2010) The Book of Symbols: Reflections on Archetypal Images, chapter Breath, p. 16

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