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by Kristoffer Heikkinen
a header image with text "phenomenal power" with a forest in the background

By 2040, energy production has changed and only renewable energy sources are used. Small power plants have become more common and households produce the energy they need for the needs of the day themselves or in small communities. The source of energy is various natural phenomena, the most important of which are the sun, wind and hydropower. In addition to these, there have been the emergence of rain power plants and human motion energy power plants. Energy also cannot be properly stored in batteries so it is utilized when it is available. In this world, batteries are expensive and only available to maintain administration and infrastructure.

At the dinner party / fundraiser, Phenomenal power, which manufactures small power plants, is trying to get investors to invest in their new power plant, wood power. It utilizes the growth power of wood and the fluids flowing in the wood to produce electricity. Dining is arranged during the rain because the energy from the rain is utilized to prepare food. During the presentation of the product, the rain hardens, which interrupts the presentation as food can be prepared and questions and discussions about money move after dinner.

The idea of ​​the power of wood came from a potato clock where electricity is obtained from a zinc nail and a piece of copper placed at the beginning of a chemical reaction. The idea was that wood would probably get more electricity, but that is not the case. However, I thought that the flow of liquids in the wood, which is several hundred liters a day, could provide energy. I researched where the fluids flow and designed a device to do that. However, I couldn’t figure out how to recover energy from this process. So I just outlined the look of what the device might look like.

a rendered side view images of the technology

In the growing season fluid with nutrient is rising through sapwood to leaves. The nutrients have an electric charge that we can utilize in electricity generation. This small electric power plant is designed to produce energy from plants during the growing season.

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