Contemporary Design

Modular mold development - From experimental design to product series by Heikki Konu in cooperation with Jukka Jokinen


This research is about the development of the modular glass blowing mold and the usage of the mold for manufacturing glass objects in hot work shop. The modular mold enables countless shapes produced with one mold, which makes the form creation process different from the traditional way. The project is carried out as teamwork; the mold development process, testing and design of the products manufactured are done in full cooperation between Jukka Jokinen and Heikki Konu. The literary work has been divided equally 50-50 between the designers, Jokinen focusing on the mold development and Konu on using the mold in glass blowing process.

Heikki Konu (PSD/CoDe Programme) 
Jukka Jokinen (COID/ Collaborative and Industrial Design Programme) 

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