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Minun Itämereni, Baltic sea in a shoebox, Anna Tolonen

This project is designed for primary schools. Phenomenon based learning is a multidisciplinary, learner-centered approach that is based on problem-solving and tied to a current phenomenon, this case to the Baltic sea; its animals and problems. In the Minun Itämereni-project students will build their own Baltic sea in a shoebox, learn about the non-human stakeholders of the sea, adding the self-made creatures in the box one by one. Students and their seas will then be faced with the biggest problems of the Baltic sea and asked with challenges to respond to them. The project is guided by the teacher who provides further information and additional tasks for the students. An expert in pedagogy and special education has been consulted throughout the design process of the Minun itämereni to design the project materials and guidelines.

The purpose of the project is to bring the Baltic sea closer to the students by giving the opportunity to learn in-depth about how our lives are tied to the sea. The aim is for children to engage with the problems the Baltic Sea faces using problem solving skills and creativity. By creating a persona for the non-human stakeholders and writing their background stories, kids create a connection and grow empathy towards the Baltic sea and all the life it hides underneath the surface.
Minun Itämereni
Phenomenon based learning about the Baltic Sea
Minun Itämereni
Instruction pages for the following non-human stakeholder character pages and how to make the personas.
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