Contemporary Design

Little Creatures by Nina Naveršnik

”Once upon a time, when magic was still strong in all parts of the world, a curious event took place every spring. As the snow began to melt, revealing the first plants, sometimes, if you were lucky, the soil beneath your feet would come to life. They called them Little Creatures. Some say they carry messages, and should you listen closely, a little creature might have one for you.”
three plants in pots and heaps of little ceramic creatures around them

When I was a little girl, helping my mom in the garden, I imagined there were little people living in hidden parts of the garden. They would only come to life when nobody was watching. This project is a deep dive into my childhood and on the other side, an exploration of who I am as a creative - where does my creative curiosity naturally take me?

close of the little creatures next to plant pots

The creature on the left is called Pi. Pi is a shy little creature, smaller than most. Dark orange, a bit like the shade of a marigold. Always tilting slightly to one side because one of her legs is a bit shorter. She has always been insecure about it. Even though Pi was made to endure in a harsh and dry land full of sand and few creatures, she has always dreamed of learning to play the bagpipes for her friends. Her dream led her to the northernmost lands, where I met her two weeks ago, on Thursday. She ended up a bit too far in the east, I told her, and directed Pi across the Baltic and the North Sea, towards the Land of the Brave!

bunch of little creatures next to two plants in pots

Studio photos: Anne Kinnunen

Process photos: Nina Naveršnik

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