Contemporary Design

In Search of Serenity by Hannakaisa Pekkala

The hand-sewed surfaces explore the connection between making, crafts and creativity. Focusing on simple crafts can offer calmness, a way to be
grounded and present through repetitive work led by intuition and freedom. The outcome is a dialogue between the fragile, subtle material and the working hands.
artefacts made of hay

The process started from searching of the natural materials. The idea was to work with something that does not have a specific craft involved - no right or wrong way to work with. The explorations started with reed, which tends to crack when it’s dry. After that explorations were continued with hay, which was stiff yet a fragile material at the same time: sewing it worked well.

The making process was free and led by intuition to avoid creative blocks: starting by sewing small tassels just for fun. The hand-sewing was slow and careful, taking time to focus solely on the material. After there was enough material on the table, the tassels were grouped together to form different surface structures.

Inspiration for each piece came from the small differences within the material: the shiny ochre yellow, the natural black and red colors which came from weather conditions, and the little knots on the stems. The final outcomes highlight the natural properties of the material. Together the explorations form a collage of shapes and textures.

close-up of artefacts made of hay

Materials: Hay, threads

Photographs Hannakaisa Pekkala

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