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If I Don’t Remember This, Nobody Will by Zoë Robertson

The act of remembering takes its toll: each recall creates distance from the initial event, a memory of the memory. If I Don’t Remember This, Nobody Will manifests the intangible: what does forgetting look like?
text "if i don't remember this nobody will* repeated on a canvas

A stamped text gradually disappears, signifying the act of remembering and how memories fade. The repeated phrase raises questions about the responsibility and burden of remembering and legacy, inspired by grief and loss. When is remembering a burden; when is forgetting a good thing?

The piece is made from biodegradable elements – individual letters are carved from mushroom and stamped with beetroot juice – so that, like a memory, the physical piece itself will also fade.

Materials used

Poster: Mushroom stamp, beetroot ink

Paper: Cotton, linen, stone, soil, lichen

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