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hashtag #hakolamama, Anatomy of a Finnish wooden chair by Samuli Helavuo

Hakola Mama pink, photo Hakola

The topic of this master’s thesis is the design of a wooden dining chair for Hakola Huonekalu Oy. The aim was to design a chair that can be industrially manufactured in the Jurva area in Southern Ostrobothnia. The chair should complement Hakola’s existing product line in a natural and fresh way, adding more content and value to the customer’s brand. The choice of topic was influenced by the author’s need to diversify his product design expertise and challenge himself to design a product that had not been completely designed before by himself.The focus of this thesis was also on increasing professional knowledge of wood materials, wood furniture production methods, the potential of the domestic furniture industry, ecologically and ethically sustainable design and seating ergonomics.

Hakola Mama, photo Unto Rautio


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