Contemporary Design

Coexisting Coccolithophore

The project is about showing the importance, beauty and 'intelligence' of organisms we might not even know exist, by juxtaposing them with people. We as humans should know, understand and emphasise with species that we are coexisting with on this planet. We should remember that even though we often imagine ourselves on top of nature, we are not supposed to be there. We are part of a bigger, interlinked system.
It can be difficult to think plants, especially small one-celled micro-organisms, which we cannot even see with our eyes, are in any way equal with humans. We do not see other ways of living and being as developed as our own ways. And therein lies the problem. Plants, and even the smallest organisms, have developed their own ways to see, breathe, communicate, solve problems and so on, but examining plants from our anthropocentric viewpoint makes them look simple.
In my project, I questioned how we value organisms which we do not see as being similar to us. I transferred coccolithophores to the context of people and gave them some humanlike features, but still highlight their real beauty and importance in their own environment, the seas. As an outcome there is a flag of the coccolithophores’ nation and a national epos, in which I combined a fictional story about the birth of the world in the legend of the coccolithophores and factual information about the organisms. I hope that this project helps to see coexisting creatures and organisms of this planet in a different way.

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