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Cloudy Bubble Of Endless Possibilities

by Kaisa Jäntti
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Virtual reality has taken a huge part of our time driving everyone to live a double life. For most of us, normal life has become a mandatory stage just to maintain access into the virtual world. Many of us don't have a job or anything else to do because of the highly advanced automation and robotism. We spend our time either logged in or waiting to be logged into the system which is created to fulfill all of our desires. This highly developed virtual world is designed so that we can do and be whatever we can think of. It is a hierarchy free dream like reality that is equal for everyone. This new reality is called Traceworld and it is created by the world’s biggest company Tracebook. To log in we just need to take a comfortable position and wear a light weight head jewell and we fall into the wonderland that feels 100% real.

It all began from earlier models of escapism like social media, computer games, VR-glasses and possibilities to watch endless amounts of tv-series and movies from streaming services. Slowly we got used to experiencing life through more or less fictive storylines. Traceworld has truly expanded our understanding of reality: Who says we should separate our experiences in the categories of real and unreal if the memories and feelings about them are equally as strong?

My dinner speech took place at my 100-year old birthday party. Thanks to Traceworld I was able to experience the celebration as a younger self with the full potential of my senses when in real life I could not get out of the bed without help. I got to spend this special occasion with many dear friends who I have met during years of exploring the virtual world. We gathered together to remember our special moments and to enjoy a delicious birthday menu.

three frames of two people apparently having an internet chitchat
Here I am celebrating my birthday
a birthday cake recipe
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