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Blue Thoughts, Alicia Romero

Blue Thoughts

Blue Thoughts is a short film that explores the relationships that we, as humans, have with the ocean. During the trip to the Kristineberg Marine Research Centre I got fascinated with the kind of relationship that each of us has with the ocean. In that specific area there are different collectives and all of them depend on the ocean in some way or another:  scientists, fishermen, tourists, locals… but their relationships with it are so different. In the film, I show that from a personal perspective, through a first person experience. All images have been recorded during the field-trip.

The process of making has been upside down from the film-making standards. I started by recording the images, that later on inspired me to write a story, from which I made a storytelling based on the images that I had. During this process I have made some background reading to have a more consistent idea of what I was making. I'd like to highlight Reflecting the Pacific by the philosopher Wolfgang Welsch and In the Blink of an Eye by Walter Murch. Next I’ve collected some images of my sketchbook where you can see the script and the storyboard of the movie.

Storyboard 2
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