Collaborative and Industrial Design

Product Development Project

Product Development Project (PdP) is a five-period-long course that invites Master’s students from all backgrounds, but mainly engineering, industrial design, and business, to tackle challenges of collaborating companies. The teams form in September and deliver a functioning prototype in the final Gala in May.
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Learning outcomes

After the completion of the course the student:

  • understands the quality of their own design, engineering, or marketing skills
  • understands the potential and the challenges of interdisciplinary teamwork
  • has hands-on experience in prototyping and testing
  • is able to carry out PD tasks by using both traditional and modern methods and tools
  • understands PD costs and economy
  • is able to deliver high quality oral and written reports
  • is prepared for negotiation situations, and to deal with agreements, NDAs and IPR


Project work in team settings of roughly 10 students. The development projects are offered and sponsored by industrial companies or other organizations. The projects include all phases from planning to introducing of a fully functional prototype or demonstrator.

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