University Partnership Advisory Group

The University Partnership Advisory Group (UPAG) supports and guides the preparation and implementation of international affairs at the scope of the university. The group discusses and prepares issues that require a university-wide position, policy line, and recommendations for the leadership and decision-making body of the university.
University Partnership Advisory Group (UPAG)

The University Partnership Advisory Group (UPAG) supports and guides Aalto University’s internationalisation as a whole. 

Specifically, UPAG’s remit includes:

  • guiding the activities and development work related to the university's international academic partnerships and networks.
  • steering the implementation of the internationalisation duties and responsibilities allocated to Aalto University by the Ministry of Education and Culture and/or other Ministries.
  • supporting the strategic management and long-term development of the university’s international activities, and ensuring that Aalto University’s internationalisation as a whole is aligned with the overall strategic objectives of the university.
  • coordinating and promoting cooperation between the various bodies and actors responsible for the international duties and activities of the university and disseminating information within the university community.
  • acting as a preparatory and expert body for forming and implementing perspectives and policies for the university's international activities.

Composition of the advisory group

The Vice President for Education is the chair of the advisory group, and the Head of Global Engagement is the coordinator. The group shall meet regularly when convened by the chair.

The composition and members of UPAG are as follows:

  • Vice President, Education (Chair)
  • Vice President, Research (Vice Chair)
  • Head of Global Engagement (coordinator)
  • Vice President, Innovation
  • Associate Vice President, External Relations
  • Dean(s) of Aalto Schools
  • Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Development Director
  • Director, Advancement and Corporate Engagement
  • Director, Communications
  • Head of Learning Services

The chair may also invite additional members to the group. The president of the university participates in the meetings based on the agenda. UPAG may invite President’s Management Team (PMT) members and other experts to participate in the meetings, should the need arise. 

More information about UPAG’s composition is available in the attachment.

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