Experimental Design project

Experimental Design project is a 7-week collaboration with Master's students in the Design department, School of Arts, design and architecture.

- explorative research project, experimental teaching methods, rethinking
- working with factory waiste, rethinking glass as a material, plastic waites and recycling, new concepts that show new directions to the partner.
- process driven, seeking new ways, like a small innovation/experimental lab
- the whole group focuses on the same topic through out the course/project.
- themes are jointly decided, the learning outcomes

The project seeks partners who ...

  • Topics relate to radical experimentation and prototyping e.g. with vairious materials highlighting real-life challenges and interests of partners and reflect academic learning objectives.
  • The project utilises Aalto University's various techonologies and studios. While the project includes hands-on making, the real-life case can be immaterial kind.
  • Partner negotiations kick off annually in Autumn and the actual project is executed in Spring.

Students: 6-16 Masters level students
One case per project
Period IV

Requires formalised agreement
Partner fee 10.000€
Separate IPR redeem policy

Interested? Please contact

Pirita Posti

Pirita Posti

Manager, Corporate Relations, School of Arts, Design and Architecture
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