Aalto Avenues to internationalisation

Aalto Avenues to internationalisation crystallise the key internationalisation elements in the strategy of Aalto University. The Aalto Avenues highlights the strategic focus areas where internationalisation makes an impact on Aalto University, and promotes Aalto as a leading international university that constantly develops and prospers through internationalisation.

Internationalisation is a focal tool that supports Aalto University achieve its strategic goals. The aim of internationalisation at Aalto University is to

  • further the quality of education, research, and artistic output.
  • make a global societal impact and a meaningful contribution to Finnish society.
  • involve the SDGs and global responsibility in education, research and pedagogy.
Aalto avenues to internationalisation

What are the Aalto Avenues?

As international issues and internationalisation are integrated in all of Aalto University’s functions, the Aalto Avenues is a focal point that links together all areas of internationalisation and provides a holistic view. The Avenues provides a path to strengthen the quality of research, education, innovation, artistic activities, and societal impact, and to fulfill Aalto’s national, value-based and ethical responsibilities.

Focal points

What are the focal points?

  1. talent attraction and inclusion in Aalto community.
  2. furthering world-class research and education to tackle global challenges.
  3. building and investing in valuable partnerships and networks. 
  4. advancing visibility of internationalisation and diversity.
  5. strengthening services for international Aalto.
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