Careers at Aalto

Claudia Dell’Era, Grant Writer

I have always enjoyed writing, but the best thing about my job is the opportunity to work in cooperation with our excellent researchers.
Claudia Dellera_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen

'I have worked at Aalto since 2003 – first as a project researcher, then as a doctoral candidate and now as a grant writer in Research and Innovation Services.

In my work, I help researchers and professors draw up applications for research funding. I support them throughout the application process from finding suitable funding opportunities to commenting on research plans and writing them.

Writing has always been my passion and I enjoy working with texts. However, the best thing about my job is definitely the opportunity to work in cooperation with our excellent researchers, to get to know their research ideas and to support them in the development of those ideas into projects - while taking advantage of my own background as a researcher.'

Career stories

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Robert Rahkonen_Photo Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Robert Rahkonen, Controller

It's great to be able to support the university's operations – be it a smaller student event or a research project spanning several years.
Hannes Päivänsalo_photo: Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Hannes Päivänsalo, Head of IT Operations

We have an especially great opportunity to see through a unique change in the university's operation that can take Aalto to the next level.
Tommi Mikkola_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Tommi Mikkola, University Lecturer

I particularly enjoy situations in which I can genuinely interact with students.
Maire Syrjäkari_Aalto-yliopisto_Mikko Raskinen
Careers at Aalto

Maire Syrjäkari, Educational Developer

The best part of my job is the open and trusting atmosphere of this community.
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