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Aalto International Talent Program for students

Are you an international master's or doctoral degree student at Aalto University? Are you looking to build a career in Finland after graduation? If yes, this is your chance to get started! Applications are open 23rd Oct - 5th Nov!
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What is Aalto International Talent Program?

Aalto International Talent Program is a group mentoring and networking initiative that brings together our international students with Finnish companies, industry experts and Aalto alumni.

Why join?

You will get a unique chance to

  • Personally connect with recruiters, industry professionals and Aalto alumni
  • Learn about Finnish working life and working culture
  • Get to know your mentor company and its opportunities

The program is a great stepping stone for students to expand their network and to know companies, their interests and openings.

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How does it work?

The Program runs during the spring term from January to March. Students apply in November.

During the program, you will

  • Choose a mentor company
  • Meet your mentor company's recruiters, professionals and Aalto alumni for group mentoring sessions
  • Visit your mentor company

Who can apply?

The program is primarily targeted to Master's students. We encourage especially first year Master's students to apply.

Also doctoral students may apply, depending on mentor company.

How to apply?

The next round of applications will take place 23 Oct - 5 Nov 2023. More detailed information on the next round and how to apply (Aalto-login required).

Testimonials from students

"A fantastic program that can assist international students in becoming acquainted with their favorite companies, learning about job opportunities, and preparing for their future careers. "

"I liked the opportunity to meet up with the experts and seniors in my fields as well as getting familiar with the recruitment process so I know what the company was looking for, what is the gap between my profile and the company's expectations. Also the most important thing is to get to know the people, the working culture and environment of the company and see if we are a match."

Unique opportunity to interact with companies directly

"It gives students the opportunity to interact with companies that might otherwise not exist."

"I liked that it gave me the opportunity to learn directly from professionals in the industry."

"Having access to a lot of firsthand information from the industry is really valuable. It helps with projecting ourselves in a future career."

Friendly and open environment

"Mentors were very helpful and very open to discussion and answered all questions that we might have."

"The company provided a really friendly environment for us to talk with the leadership and employees, which is what I liked most."

Great mentors and mentor companies

"The mentors were great!"

"Our mentor was very active and gave a lot of his time and attention to us. It was excellent to have him as a mentor with a lot of experience."

"I really liked the onsite visit. The mentors were really friendly and we had nice chats about the company and what it means to work there. I really liked the fact that they organized one presentation from a cybersecurity expert just because I asked about information in that field."

"I liked that we had a chance to make our choice, and our opinion was respected. Also my mentor company is super dedicated!!"

Learning about Finnish working life and culture

"This was a great opportunity to learn about Finnish working culture before I graduate!"

"I liked the program as giving orientation to international students for Finnish job market. It offered a launch pad to successfully land on a job in the future."

"Everything was really well organized. It was really great that this program enables us as foreign students to get the opportunity to learn about Finnish work culture and get in touch with well-known companies. learning more about their expectations and their vacancies in our field."

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 Kaisa Paasivirta

Kaisa Paasivirta

Manager, International Talent Program

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Aalto International Talent Program
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