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Media Repository project

Aalto University is procuring a repository system that performs as a digital preservation, showcasing and asset management system for all digital content, especially audiovisual media and administrative data.
Media Repository Visualisation
The Media Repository will preserve, provide access and showcase university's digital outputs

Benefits​ and background objectives

  • Ensure authenticity and usability of digital ​objects across time and technical environments​
  • Preserving ​and showcasing creative and practice-based ​learning and research​
  • Convenient manual and automated ​workflows for audiovisual media and ​administrative data​ through integrations

As for today, there has not been systematic processes or a repository system capable of preserving and showcasing digital content in variety formats. The Media Repository project will create capabilities to manage and make use of the university's valuable digital assets. The university has a legal obligation for archiving and accessing digital objects of long-term value.

To improve the collection and curation of digital content we will need to develop also the workflows and processes that produce the original data, f.e. current submission processes for theses, showcasing artistic works and research outputs. ​Through integrations the repository will be the back-bone for the persistent accessibility, online visibility and showcase of creative and practice-based learning and research.

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Storage, access and reuse

The aim is to build a seamless workflow between storage and access.

All members of Aalto community should be able to submit media and data for preservation, showcase and future access.


How can you be involved or contribute?

Do you or your department have valuable digital materials in need for secure storage or future access?

During spring 2021 the tender and detailed use cases are being formed. You can have an impact by informing us of any digital content that should be preserved to correctly estimate the type and volume of the data.

Here is how you can be part of the process:

1) Answer our survey to inform us of your digital material

2) Subscribe to our newsletter for futher updates. Write to: [email protected]

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