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Data privacy notice for applicants for degree education

Dear applicant,

This privacy notice applies to applicants to bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral education, and contains information about how your personal data is processed and the rights that you have to your own personal data.

‘Personal data’ refers to various kinds of information by which an individual may be identified and which we use to comply with our educational duties, of which student admissions is one. In this context, you, the applicant, are referred to as a ‘data subject’ and we are referred to as the ‘controller’, that is, the party that controls the processing of the personal data for the abovementioned purposes. We will only process data necessary for the execution of our duties.

Data privacy notice for applicants

General Data Protection Regulation (EU) (2016/679), Articles 13 and 14

Name: Applicant data
Date: 30 November 2018
26 November 2019, updates to items 2,5,6 and 8
26 November 2020, updates to items 5, 6, 7, 9, 15 and 16
Controller, unit in charge:

Aalto University
Aalto University Foundation
Postal address: P.O. Box 11000, FI-00076 AALTO
Street address: Otakaari 24, 02150 Espoo
Tel.: (09) 47001 (exchange)

Eija Zitting, Head of Learning Services

Short description A description of the university’s processing of personal data on applicants in order to comply with its statutory student admissions duties
A: Personal data collected directly from data subject Yes
B: Personal data collected elsewhere than from the data subject Yes

List of the key systems and services used to process personal data of applicants:
Application and admission systems (Salesforce, DIAkone, Full Fabric, eAge) 

Personal data of applicants are also processed at Aalto schools otherwise than in the shared information systems, in some cases manually, in the form of:

records of completed entrance examinations
Aalto University Admission Services

individual examination arrangements
Aalto University Admission Services

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