Academic events and traditions

Universities globally have a thousand-year-old tradition of academic events to create a rhythm and structure for studies, examinations, and celebrations. At Aalto University, academic events annually commence with the opening of the academic year on Aalto Day One in early September. The celebration continues with milestones, such as the Tenured Professors' Installation Talks and public defences of doctoral theses. Finally, in mid-June, the academic year concludes with Ceremony Week, featuring celebrations like the Graduation Party and Ceremonial Conferments of doctoral degrees.

Aalto University Graduation Party celebration in 2018. Photo by Aalto University / Heli Sorjonen
The president congratulates the graduates
President Ilkka Niemelä congratulates the graduates

"The various events in the Ceremony Week celebrate the outstanding achievements of the new doctors, licentiates, masters and bachelors as well as, simultaneously, strengthen their strong ties to Aalto community as our valued alumni."

President Ilkka Niemelä

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Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology 2024

The 2024 Ceremonial Conferment of Technology at Aalto University

SCI dean Jouko Lampinen

Graduation Party 2024

Aalto University celebrates the graduates on 12 June 2024. Warmest congratulations to everybody!

Graduation Party 2018

Honorary doctors' panel discussions and seminars

Join the discussion around topics relating to quantum technology and innovations.

Aalto lights


Information, videos and photographs of Aalto University ceremonial conferments


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Five new honorary doctors in technology at Aalto in 2024

The ceremonial conferment will take place on campus in June.
Pauliina Ilmonen, photo by Nita Vera.
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Pauliina Ilmonen: The scientific community is like my second family

'The moment when the new doctors receive the hats is the one that gets me particularly emotional. There is plenty of work behind each new doctoral degree and that work has a huge societal impact.'
A new alumni putting on his graduation pin
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Mia Sirkiä: By helping others, you build your community

How to build your community after graduation? Alumna Mia Sirkiä encourages the new graduates to focus on people and helping others
Promootiokulkue professori Peter Lundin johdolla
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The 2023 Ceremony Week culminated in Ceremonial Conferment of Doctoral Degrees in Technology - 53 new doctors received their hats

This year's event is hosted by School of Science - see photo gallery of the event below
Aalto University Graduation Party, photo by Heli Sorjonen
Aalto University Graduation Party in June 2018. Photo by Aalto University / Heli Sorjonen
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