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Take care of your wellbeing

Continuous learning, getting a degree, or pursuing a particular profession are all means to an end. What ends are you pursuing? Your own wellbeing is one important end to keep in mind – otherwise your career is not sustainable. Reflecting on your purpose, having an impact, volunteering and giving back are ways you can make a difference and foster wellbeing in your career.

Crafting wellbeing, meaning and purpose

Career design workshops, courses and coaching help you craft meaning and test career options that foster your wellbeing.  

How about volunteering and giving back? 

Research shows that helping others and giving back is an ideal way to enhance meaning and wellbeing in your own life. Share your experience with our students and become one of our special Alumni Agents. It will be meaningful and provide you with new perspectives and skills in return. 

Consider also donating to your alma mater to support our mission of shaping a sustainable future. 

A core tenet of career design and wellbeing in general is that we can’t flourish alone. Connecting with others in Aalto University's network not only helps you find new friends but may also provide opportunities for learning some important career skills.  

Are you already part of Aalto Alumni Circle?

Career design for Aalto Alumni

We offer several options to help you keep learning and design work that matters to you

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