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Aalto's support during the war in Ukraine

The page contains information and examples of our actions.
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Petri Suomala, Vice President for Education at Aalto University, says: 'The war in Ukraine is affecting the well-being and sense of security of us all. For people in the midst of a crisis, the situation is downright unsustainable, with the war taking its toll on work or study. Especially in a situation like this, we at Aalto have the opportunity not only to support each other but also to show in a concrete way our concern for those suffering from the war.'

How can I help?

Ukraine and its borders are in dire need of assistance and many of us want to help. Financial assistance should be directed to well-established, experienced and reliable aid organisations with experience in dealing with public authorities and other aid organisations in crisis situations. They have storage space, distribution channels and networks through which to find help. Aid organisations also know best what kind of supplies help is needed most at the site. Through established organisations, money is most likely to get there and not end up in the pocket of organised crime.

Below are a few ways how you as an individual can help those suffering:

Red Cross
Web: you can help by donating to disaster relief fund 
Phone: call 0600 12220 (20.28 € + local network charge)
SMS: send SPR20 to number 16499 (20 €)
Mobilepay: number 10900
Bank transfer: OP FI52 5000 0120 4156 73 (recipient: Red Cross, reference number 5186)

Web: Help protect children in Ukraine  
SMS: send UKRAINA to 16110 (20 €)Mobilepay: number 33742

Pelastakaa Lapset (Save the Children Finland)
Web: you can help by donating to emergency fundraising 
SMS: send UKRAINA20 to 16499 (20 €)Mobilepay: number 5557
Bank transfer: Nordea FI64 1017 3000 2107 27 (reference UKRAINA)

Alumni network calls alumni to help Ukraine

The alumni community at Aalto University has expressed strong support for Ukraine and Ukrainians, and the board of the alumni network is gathering ideas from alumni to help those in need. Share your ideas with us: [email protected]

Want to support students from Ukraine?

Read about donating to our Ukraine fund

Aalto helps and supports

We strive to help those affected by the war in many different ways. Below are examples of our actions. 

  • We have ensured that the work and studies of Aalto’s Ukrainian employees and students will not be interrupted during the war. We are also in contact with Russian and Belarusian members of our community to provide support.
  • The financial situation of many Aalto students has become or will become more difficult due to the war. We investigate the support needs of each of them individually.
  • We offer scholarships and study rights without fees to Ukrainian degree students and degree students who have received asylum from Ukraine. The study right entitles the student to complete individual courses (or study modules, e.g. minors), but not a degree. Most of the courses offered in English are on master's level. Applications for the study rights can be submitted from 12th of June 2023 to 30th of August 2024. Applications for scholarships for the non-degree studies can be submitted from 13th of October to 30th of November 2023. The scholarships cover the spring term 2024. Further scholarship rounds may be announced, subject to available funds, in June 2024.
  • Aalto has launched two open online courses on Finnish working life and entrepreneurship for Ukrainians. The free courses are ín Ukrainian language and introduce Finnish working life, career-building and how to launch a business in Finland. Read more.
  • The Aalto University Open University is offering studies without tuition fees for Ukraine citizens. The free studies may be taken until 31 July 2024. 
  • We are also offering researchers forced to leave Ukrainian universities due to Russia’s invasion the chance to continue their academic work at Aalto University. The application process for one-year visiting scientists’ positions continues, and a few researchers have already started their work. See the recruitment announcement here.  

If you need any support

Ukraine war

On this page, we will gather information on how Russia's invasion of Ukraine affects Aalto University’s operations.

Read more
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Kyunghyun Cho donates 10,000 dollars to Aalto University Junior and 10,000 dollars to a course on the reconstruction of Ukraine
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Aalto University continues to offer study rights without fees to Ukraine’s university students

Application for courses and study modules is open until 30 August 2024.
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