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Aalto University's international networks

Aalto University belongs to a wide range of international partnerships, networks and alliances with a university-wide scope. Each of the international partnerships, networks and alliances have a specific focus that supports Aalto University’s strategy, especially regarding shared research and education.
Aalto School of Business

Listed below are the partnerships, networks, and alliances with a university-wide scope.

Key university partnerships

Key university partnerships support Aalto University in reaching its strategic goals. The partnerships aim for long-term systematic collaboration that has mutual benefits for the involved institutions.

Key university networks and alliances

The key university networks and alliances enable strategic collaborations in thematically more focused formats. 

Global networks

Global networks are initiatives from the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). The objectives of the initiatives are to establish new connections that strengthen Finland’s higher education, competence brand and cooperation network worldwide. Aalto University is coordinating three of the eight global networks. 

Other relevant networks

Aalto university has partnered with several international networks that enable cross-border cooperation and innovative forms of engagement, especially in Europe.

International collaboration at the schools of Aalto University

The schools at Aalto University also participate in field-specific networks. Read more about the schools' collaboration on their home pages. 

Students riding bikes in front of the Aalto University Väre building, photo by Unto Rautio

School of Arts, Design and Architecture

One of the most prestigious universities in its fields. We educate our students to create imaginative, collaborative, compassionate and unconventional approaches to the most pressing challenges of today.

School of Business students. Photo: Ari Toivonen

School of Business

We strive for better business and better society. We excel in education and research with a multidisciplinary approach and in collaboration with our partners.

Aalto CHEM HealthTech litography projection.

School of Chemical Engineering

We combine natural sciences and engineering in a unique way.

Aalto Ice Tank / photo by Juha Juvonen

School of Engineering

Research, education and new solutions in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering and built environment.

laboratory facilities in microwave engineering major

School of Electrical Engineering

We are experts in systems science developing integrated solutions from care of the elderly to space robotics.

Artistic depiction of a bright light in space / made by Ray Scipak

School of Science

Science for tomorrow’s technology, innovations and businesses

Contacts at the Global Engagement team

We provide various relevant services for the internationalisation of Aalto. Please find the contacts that best suit your needs from the list below.

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Aalto Global Engagement
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