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E-exams using the electronic examination system EXAM

You can register for an electronic examination (e-exam) using the EXAM online service. The actual exam will take place in a physical e-examination room on Aalto University’s campus. All e-examination rooms are under video surveillance.
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The period of availability of an e-exam is usually a week, for example. You can take the e-exam on a date and time that suit you within this period of availability. The e-exam rooms are located on the Aalto campus in Otaniemi. Their opening hours usually follow the opening hours of the respective buildings. Remember to check the buildings’ websites for the opening hours (see the table below). As the person taking the exam, you are responsible for making sure that the building is open during the exam time you have booked. Note! To access the e-examination room M327, you need a student access token. (Instructions on activating an access token: How to get an access token and access rights)

The EXAM e-examination rooms

Room No of computers

Check the building opening hours before booking an exam time.

Y339a 10 Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, 3rd floor, Y wing, no access token needed
M321 8 Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, 3rd floor, M wing, no access token needed
Lento 215 3 Learning Centre, Otaniementie 9, 2nd floor, no access token needed
M131 1 Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, 3rd floor,  wing, no access token needed
M327 9 Undergraduate Centre, Otakaari 1, 3rd floor, M wing, access token required


Registering for an e-exam and taking the exam

You can register for an e-exam when the teacher has made it available in the EXAM system.Instructions for students on getting ready and registering for an e-exam are available in the Aalto University Wiki

Log in to the EXAM service using your Aalto username and password at https://exam.aalto.fi and reserve an exam time in one of the e-exam rooms. When you are making a reservation, the system also displays the end date of the period when the exam is available for registration.

Video instructions on how to use an e-exam room:

EXAM support for students: [email protected]

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