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About Energy Garage

Energy Garage is a new learning and innovation platform and space at Aalto University for students, faculty and companies interested in energy subjects. Energy Garage, or shortly EG, is open to all students at Aalto U. The space is located in K4 (Sähkömiehentie 4) F-hall.
Aalto University / Energy Garage


The weekly open doors hours are announced on our Facebook. During these hours, you're able to visit EG freely and get introduced to the possibilities of Energy Garage. 

You are also able to get an electronic tag, which allows you to work on EG from Monday to Friday between 6 am and 10 pm. All Aalto students are eligible for appliying access to Energy Garage. To get a EG tag, visit us on open door hours or contact us via email.

During summer time (June - August) there will be no open door hours at Energy Garage. Access is possible only with EG tag.

Through EG, we aim at bringing together:

  • Aalto U students of any discipline with a genuine interest in energy
  • Tools and people for prototyping or innovating energy applications
  • University staff to use the space for education and interact with students
  • Companies to interact with students and staff on interesting projects

Energy Garage aims at providing a framework for a diversity of actions to increase interaction, mainly through education, innovation, research, or networking type of activities. EG has a range of different facilities and space to do interesting things.

EG is an open platform. It is supported by the School of Science in collaboration with students. You may bring your own ideas to EG. In addition, we will have some base-line activities at EG running on a continuous basis, such as the Aalto Multidisciplinary Energy Science education, Energy Climbing Wall, monthly Energy Club luncheon, hands-on courses, among others. 

If you want to follow how things move on, please check our Facebook pages. There you can:

  • See latest news about Energy garage.
  • See the spaces and tools available
  • Have your voice heard about what EG should have, tools, equipment etc.
  • Get news about energy related courses
  • Hear about energy research at Aalto University

 If you want to become part of the EG activities, if you have ideas, or if you are just interested to hear more about EG, please contact us: [email protected]


The first phase of the student initiative “Energy Garage” was finished in collaboration with the Aalto Design Factory in June 2013 providing a blueprint for the platform. The aim was to create a learning and innovation platform, and to increase the interaction between Aalto students and faculty, and the business world. A group of students with different background sketched the plan how to get people to “collide” and interact actively, aiming at bringing new ideas and initiatives in energy into life. The students also identified a place in Otaniemi for the Garage.

The concrete planning of the Energy Garage started in late spring 2014 and the aim was to get it operational during the fall. The official inauguration was held on 2nd October and Energy Garage is now open. Energy industries and companies have shown positive interest in this and collaborative arrangements are likely to emerge. 

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