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Personal archives: Yki Nummi

Lighting designer and colourist Yki Nummi's personal archives contains sketches, original design drawings, documents, diaries and photographs. Nummi studied at the department of decorative painting and graduated in 1950.
Yki Nummen arkisto
Yki Nummi “Practical" lamp design

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Yki Nummi (b. 31.10.1925, d. 12.3.1984) worked as a designer at the Stockmann-Orno lighting factory 1950-1973. He was a colourist for Oy Schildt & Hallberg Ab Tikkurila colour factory and head of the design department 1958-1973.
Nummi designed lamps and lighting fixtures for Sanka Oy as well as serving and storage dishes, wallpapers and colourings for Sandudd, Pihlgren & Ritola and Winter. 
Nummi designed the lighting and lamps for for many schools, hospitals and restaurants. He also designed the colour schemes for many public buildings such as the Helsinki Cathedral in 1960s and for several entire residential areas.

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1,4 shelf metres, 13 units, approx. 100 drawings available digitally


Biographica, correnspondence and documents. The documents cover topics of colour, colourings, lighting and lamps, plastic objects and book illustration. In addition the collection contains presentations and lectures on form and interior design, student works, sketches, wallpaper designs and magazine articles.


Non-commercial use in learning and research permissible, other uses of student works subject to permission.

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