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Hand-drawn renderings of ships

By Veikko Ahola
Hand-drawn renderings of ships
Hand-drawn renderings of ships. Photo: Kitty Norros

Student Veikko Ahola, Mechanical Engineering, Marine Technology,
Aalto University School of Engineering:

Hand-drawn renderings of ships

I selected hand-drawn renderings of ships. These are things which are no longer usually seen in times of computer graphics and 3D-renderings, not least in public. I even think that the word “render” has replaced “artist’s vision”.

These pictures are not nearly as photorealistic as their digital counterparts today. Nor do they strictly follow the actual drawings from which the 3D-modelings are usually made of. Instead, they are much more impressionist in nature which is evident in the mistiness and more free-handed perspective.

For me, another characteristic of these drawings is their caricature-like and therefore more dramatic feeling. This may make this technique good for a designer to highlight some features on the design. Also, in early phase of design, it is easy to hide unfinished places without making the picture look incomplete as easily happens with computer graphics if the level of detail is low.

Personally, I love handmade sketches. In hand drawing the designer can simply let ideas just flow. Changing one’s mind and correcting lines on top of existing ones is also part of the charm of this kind of picture.

It would be nice to see more sketching by hand still today. As I now searched for pictures of future ship and city visions in the internet, sadly almost everything that I found were computer made visualizations. It would be also interesting to know if computers have allowed new people, not feeling confident with doing things by hand, to enter the design field.

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