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Architecture measurement drawings

Measurement drawing has been a tradition in the teaching of architecture for over one hundred years. The collection consisting of thousands of drawings provides a valuable resources for researchers of architecture.
Arkkitehtuurin mittauspiirustus: Ainola
Blomstedt, Severi ; Koskinen, Keijo (1969–1970) Ainola, Järvenpää: facade to the west

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Aalto University’s and its predecessor University of Technology’s architecture teaching has for over hundred years included the tradition of measurement drawing. From 1907 to 2014 it was compulsory to prepare a measurement drawing of a significant old building as part of an architect’s education. In early decades of 1900 drawings were made of medieval churches, later there has been concentration on wooden architecture.

Date range

aprox. 1868 – 2016


6000 drawings


Ink and pencil drawings, some water colours


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